Why Outdoor?

Cost Effective

Outdoor advertising offers the greatest reach and frequency at the lowest total cost of all mass media outlets.  At a typical cost of $2-$5 per thousand impressions, no other advertising medium offers the cost-effective results that outdoor advertising can.  Unlike other mass media, outdoor advertisements can quickly be placed right where you need them.  This allows
you to focus your advertising message on a specific audience.  The low Cost Per Thousand also allows outdoor advertisers the ability to quickly dominate an entire region cost-effectively.


It is very easy to tailor a marketing campaign to appeal directly to a specific audience due to the unique geographic footprint that each billboard has.  With outdoor advertising, demographic targeting is becoming easier than ever before.  The scope of advertising campaigns can be as wide or as narrow as needed, which allows marketers to customize their campaigns and results in much higher returns that other media are able to offer.  In addition, turnaround time is substantially shorter than with other mass media, making it easy to change your message quickly if necessary.

Mass Medium

Outdoor advertising can never be turned off, tuned out, or thrown away. While conventional mass media, like television and radio, have become less effective due to increased consumer fragmentation, outdoor advertising is experiencing a rebirth brought about by an increasingly mobile society with longer commutes.  The always-on continuity that outdoor provides is what sets it apart from the rest of the mass media outlets, enabling advertisers the opportunity to display their messages 24/7/365.

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